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Programs for Students with Multiple Disabilities (MD)

Stark County Educational Service Center's Division of Special Needs/Student Services operates in collaboration with the local school districts throughout Stark County.  The local school districts utilize Stark County's Multiple Disability classrooms to serve low-incidence students in a public school setting.  Services are provided from kindergarten to high school.  Transportation to the classrooms is provided by the home school district.  Classrooms are organized by age and grade level as Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School and transition High School.
The Multiple Disability classrooms are academically based for students with cognitive, behavioral, and communication disorders.  The instruction is language intensive and developed around each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Instruction is implemented in small group and one to one settings.  The program or instruction is dynamic in that it changes as necessary to meet each student's individualized needs while considering their individualized learning styles and developmental needs.  Students in the Multiple Disability Program participate in the regular education setting based on ability and as stipulated in their IEP.  Classroom enrollment is up to eight students per class.


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