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Speech/Language Pathology (SLP)

Speech-language pathologists are professionals interested in assessment, intervention, prevention and research in communication and communication disorders.  They provide services to help individuals of all ages with communication disorders.  Communication disorders may include: fluency (e.g. stuttering), articulation, language delays or disorders, voice disorders, speech/language, and swallowing difficulties as a result of motor impairment or brain damage.  Speech-language pathologists are also concerned with difficulties in secondary language areas such as reading, writing and spelling
The Special Needs/Student Services Department employs speech-language pathologists to provide services in the collaborative classrooms for students with multiple handicaps and emotional/behavioral handicaps.  They assist in the development and implementation of the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and provide speech/language therapy utilizing a variety of service delivery models including collaborative classroom intervention, small group and individual therapy depending on the needs of each individual student.  In addition, the speech-language pathologists provide professional continuing education in-services, consult on assistive technology needs, consult on the special needs of children with autism and serve with various local and statewide organizations concerned with helping individuals with communication impairments.


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