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Feeding and Swallowing Consultation Team

Every student has the right to adequate nutrition and hydration while at school so they can access their curriculum.

Students may access their nutrition and hydration orally or via alternative methods. Some students enter school with a feeding and swallowing problem identified, or not yet identified, or they may acquire a feeding and swallowing problem as they age.  The district must address the feeding and swallowing concerns quickly to ensure the student is healthy and safe while at school. 

The Stark County Educational Service Center’s Feeding and Swallowing Consultation Team will:

  • Consult with the student's educational team (SLP, OT, intervention specialists, teachers, paraprofessionals, nurse, administrator, and parent) 
  • Complete a feeding and swallowing evaluation.
  • Help the team generate orders such as a physicians diet order and school health plan.
  • Train the team to implement the recommendations/strategies.
  • Follow-up on a predetermined schedule. 

The team will not be providing feeding and swallowing therapy.


To ensure that students have safe access to nutrition and hydration.


For more information, contact:
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