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Assistive Technology, Augmentative Alternative Communication (ATAAC) Team

In accordance  with the Individuals for Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 and the Operating Standards for Ohio Schools Service Children with Disabilities (2007) the Stark County Educational Service Center's Department of Special Needs/Student Services, created the 
Assistive Technology Augmentative Alternative Communication Team (ATAAC Team) to help local school districts implement and support students with Assistive Technology (AT) needs.

The definition of assistive technology includes both the devices and services that are necessary for a student to maximize participation and progress in the educational program.
All school districts are required to consider assistive technology during the development of every Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  This is the responsibility of the IEP team.

Team efforts are most effective when undertaken by a circle of support made up of individuals who have in-depth knowledge of a student's needs and strengths.  The ATAAC Team is a group of trained individuals who will utilize collaborative strategies that will meet the challenges of assistive technology exploration.  The ATAAC Team is committed to working collaboratively with local school districts, institutions of higher education, community agencies and students and their families.

Services the ATAAC Team can provide to districts include:

  • Evaluate the technology and communication needs of a student.
  • Aid Individualized Education (IEP) teams in the selection, design, fit, customization, adaptation and maintenance of assistive technology and augmentative devices.
  • Consult with districts regarding purchasing, leasing and funding of assistive technology devices.
  • Integrate, suggest and provide assistance with the coordination of differing therapies, research based interventions and services.
  • Train and provide technical assistance to children, parents and educational  personnel.

Our vision, through our service delivery system, is to enhance communication and to support access to learning opportunities for children with disabilities.

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