Itinerant Services

Last Updated: 8/10/2020 7:44 PM

Itinerant services are provided to children with mild to moderate disabilities whose educational needs can be met in a variety of settings.  Itinerant services include special education itinerant teachers, therapists and preschool psychologists.  These services are provided at no cost to the child's family.  The special education professional will work on specific needs as determined through the Individualized Education Process (IEP).

The Itinerant Teacher at Home

When the teacher visits the home, she will bring a variety of games and activities.  These activities will center around areas of need for the child and coordinate with school activities.  Each visit will give the parent/caregiver a chance to talk with the teacher and ask questions.  As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher.

The Itinerant Teacher at School

The itinerant teacher can perform a variety of functions in the classroom.  The itinerant teacher may work with a small group or consult with the regular classroom teacher.  The itinerant teacher also serves as a resource to the classroom teacher through observations and implementing individualized strategies.  The itinerant teacher can individualize classwork and extend school activities into the home.

Benefits of Itinerant Services

• Provides services for children who are medically involved;
• Promotes partnership between home and school;
• Assists with behavior management;
• Helps coordinate individual special needs services;
• Provides service in a variety of settings;
• Additional resource and consultant for classroom teacher; and
• Coordinates transition to preschool and school-age programs.



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