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The Stark-Portage Area Computer Consortium (SPARCC) is one of twenty-two Information Technology Centers (ITC) located throughout the state of Ohio. As such, it is part of the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) and serves school districts in Stark, Portage and Carroll counties. SPARCC provides data management and technology related services to its member and affiliated school districts. 

SPARCC is governed by a board consisting of the superintendents of each of the member districts. This governing board has the responsibility to study, review and approve the SPARCC annual budget and ascertain that the costs are divided equally among the participating districts. Each member district has one vote which affords everyone an equal share in the decision making process. 

An Executive Board, consisting of five members chosen from the Governing Board, meets regularly with the Directors to study, analyze and approve recommendations. The Directors’ roles are to oversee the daily operations of SPARCC and communicate concerns and recommendations directly to the Executive Board. 

A primary focus of SPARCC is to offer quality service and support at an affordable cost. This, combined with sound structure and governance, provides the framework for the smooth operation of the member districts.

Those wanting additional information are encouraged to contact the SPARCC office.