Five Components of Training Overview

Akron Children's Hospital is dedicated to helping schools better understand how students experience traumatic events and how to help them through this challenging time. We are currently offering a free comprehensive training to school districts and organizations that work with youth in Northeast Ohio.
The training consists of 5 components each 45-60 minutes in length. Each component can be done individually or together. All components are free to your school building or organization.

The 5 components are as follows:
  1. An Introduction to Trauma. This component covers the basics of trauma, what types of trauma students may face, and how trauma can affect a students physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.
  2. Managing Trauma in the Classroom. This component covers techniques to prevent a trauma based reaction in the classroom and what to do if a child is acting out in your classroom.
  3. Increasing Developmental Assets. This component uses the Search Institutes Developmental Assets to guide schools to work with all students by increasing their resiliency skills, coping skills, and other abilities.
  4. Recognizing Secondary Traumatic Stress. This component works with the educators to recognize their own compassion fatigue or burnout. It covers techniques for staff to use to relax, keep balance, and continue to help students in need.
  5. Psychological First Aid for Schools (PFA-S). This component is specifically designed to assist a school to develop a PFA-5 plan for their school in the event of a school based trauma, for example, a student or teacher death, violence in the school building or community. This piece is a great addition to a schools tactical emergency plan.

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