Step-by-Step Substitute RENEWAL Instructions for 2020-2021 School Year

Last Updated: 8/13/2020 2:17 PM

Please read thoroughly and follow each step.

STEP 1:  Substitute Teacher 2020-21 School Year” Application through Applicant Tracking

  • This application is required to be completed and updated annually for your name to be placed on the list making you eligible for substitute teacher work.
  • Click here to access Applicant TrackingIf you get a blank screen when trying to apply, Applicant Tracking recommends that the applicant clear the cache within their browser then attempt to access the application site again.
  • Log in to your account that you previously created, and complete the application for “Job Title: Substitute Teacher 2020-21 School Year” (If you forgot your username or password, follow instructions on the screen, using the email you used to create the account.)  
  • Please UPDATE each page of the application as necessary including personal information, certification, and location preferences.
  • Attach NEW or UPDATED documents to this application.
  • Be sure to affirm, initial the last page, save, and submit your application.

STEP 2:  Fingerprinting (BCI/FBI)

  • If your last background check has expired, Click here to schedule an appointment.
  • If your BCI/FBI was completed elsewhere within the last 365 days AND electronically sent to ODE for licensure, paper copies of those will be accepted, but we must have a copy.

STEP 3: Teaching/Substitute License issued by Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

  • A SUBSTITUTE Teaching License is only required if you do not hold a valid standard teaching license.
  • Login to your OH | ID Portal Account at
  • Click on Educator Licensure & Records (CORE) to renew your license or to download your valid license.
  • ODE licensure is based on post-secondary coursework completed, related to the area of licensure. See examples below:
    • If you have an education degree, you will apply for “Education Degree – Unlimited” (999371).
    • A biology major would apply for “integrated science” (132010)
    • An English major would apply for “integrated language arts” (050145).
    • A psychology major would apply for “integrated social studies” (150004).
    • If your bachelor’s degree major is not related to the areas of licensure, you will apply for “general substitute” (999370).

For complete information on substitute licensure, click here to visit ODE webpage.

  • When you apply online through your educator account, you must use IRN #049825 (Stark County ESC) for the superintendent’s electronic signature on the license application.



If you need sub assistance AND fingerprinting, we highly suggest that you click on both links to coordinate those appointments.

Click here for Substitute Assistance in completing renewal process.
Click here for Fingerprinting/Background Check.

AFTER the above three steps are completed and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email along with substitute management information, a link to review the updated substitute handbook,

and instructions to complete payroll forms and sign additional documents online.

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