Understanding the C.A.R.E. Team Initiative

The CARE Team Initiative is a collaboration of partners dedicated to student success. Parents, students, teachers, school administrators, community providers, law enforcement and other professionals work together to ensure that every student succeeds. The program provides:

  1.  An adult member of the school neighborhood who provides advocacy and support for families.
  2. Teams of teachers taking personal responsibility for the success of each of their students.
  3. Academic, leadership, relationship and other social skill building opportunities offered during, before, and after school, as well as summer programming for targeted students.
  4. Academic mentoring and tutoring by caring community partners.
  5. On-site mental health prevention/intervention and other drug prevention/intervention.
  6. Family court and law enforcement involvement as appropriate.
  7. Health and wellness support by school personnel.
  8. Alcohol and drug prevention and intervention.

The CARE TEAM approach represents a fundamental change in the teaching/learning process. It is holistic, systemic, non-categorical, year-round, long-term, and evidence based.

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