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Stark County Integrated Preschool

How many students are enrolled in the classroom?

Starting the 2017-18 School Year:
Each SCIP class has six preschool children with disabilities and up to six children as peer models.  Class size doesn't exceed 12 children per teacher.  All of the SCIP classrooms also have a teacher assistant.


What is an integrated classroom?

It is one that includes children with a wide range of developmental levels.  A limited number of children ages 3-5 and who are functioning at age expected levels may attend as peer models or "classmates."  Tuition for classmates is based on a sliding fee scale.  Contact the preschool teacher for further information.


Will this preschool program prepare my child for Kindergarten?

Yes, our program is based upon best teaching practices for young children.  Children are involved in active learning experiences that are designed to enhance independence, self-esteem, curiosity, and problem solving.  Classroom centers include daily activities that work on skills important for kindergarten.


Is transportation provided for my child?

The Stark County Preschool Programs have no transportation of their own.  However, if your child is being served on an IEP, the local school districts will arrange and/or coordinate transportation for your child as part of the SCIP program.


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