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Early Childhood Education Classroom

What if my family income is higher than the ODE income levels for this program?

Our funding from the Ohio Department of Education requires us to serve families at or below the approved income levels.  If your income exceeds the income levels, we cannot serve your child in our ECE classroom.  We can, however, enroll a limited number of children of any income level in our SCIP classes to serve as role models and classmates.


Will this preschool program prepare my child for Kindergarten?

Yes, our program is based upon best teaching practices for young children.  The research based curriculum of the ECE Classroom is play-based, rich in literacy, and language affording opportunities for children to construct a positive and social learning environment.  Through active exploration, children strive to create and make sense of the world around them.  Skills that they will acquire include...
• independence and the ability to make choices;
• working cooperatively with other children;
• participating in group activities;
• following directions; and
• pre-reading, pre-writing, computer, and pre-math concepts.


What is the tuition process?

After parents submit proof of household income with their child's registration, the teacher will determine the monthly tuition rate using a sliding fee scale.  Parent are notified of the tuition through a letter at which time they will be given a payment booklet.  Monthly tuition is due by the first of the month and sent to the Treasurer at Stark County ESC.

A flat rate monthly fee is charged for nine months (September to May).  There will be NO adjustments to you tuition for absences due to illness, snow days or school days off.  If a family's income changes throughout the school year, parents are responsible for submitting a new proof of income to the teacher.  The teacher will then notify the Stark County ESC of the adjusted tuition amount and changing date.


Is transportation provided for my child?

The Stark County Preschool Programs have no transportation of their own.  Parents are required to transport their children to and from the program.  The local school districts are not required to provide transportation to the Early Childhood Education Program.



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