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Water Quality Education

For Ohio to ensure its future ecological health, students need exposure to natural environments and the human-induced impacts on them. Through the Water Quality Education program, with funding from the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation, students will be able to reflect critically on their relationship to environmental health that can stimulate creative and meaningful problem solving. The Water Quality Education program will provide seventh grade and high school environmental science students with hands-on learning experiences aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards: Science that directly affects the community where they live. Teacher participants will become knowledgeable in the use of the technology associated with the grant and become trainers for future educators who will use the technology through the Science And Math on the Move (SAMM) program sponsored by the Stark County Educational Service Center (ESC).

The layout of the program implementation follows:

1) On October 22, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 3:30PM , an all-day session for teacher participants will be held at Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake, Perry Township. Nick Morris, assisted by Dale Gallucci, will instruct the participants in understanding watersheds and the use of real-time water quality and water level monitoring equipment.

 2) On November 19, 2015 from 4:00 – 6:30 PM, the first of three 2.5 hour after school sessions for teacher participants will convene at Exploration Gateway. Staff members of Vernier Software and Technology, along with Dale Gallucci and Nick Morris, will provide further training in the use of the Vernier LabQuest and its water quality probes, using the lessons in the Water Quality with Vernier Teacher Lab Book.

 3) In the winter of 2016, date to be determined, the second of three 2.5 hour after school sessions for teacher participants will convene at the SAMM Center located in R.G. Drage's Career Technical Center in Massillon. Participants will work to plan their own Water Quality units of study to implement with their students in the spring of 2016. Dale Gallucci and Nick Morris will be available to assist participants as needed.

 4) In the spring of 2016, teacher participants will implement the Water Quality Education units of study they created as students work in the field and in the classroom on the lessons. At the end of the Water Quality unit of study, the participating students will complete a student survey to provide further data as to how the water quality technology was utilized in their classes and its impact on their community.

 5) In the late spring of 2016, date to be determined, the last of the three 2.5 hour sessions for teacher participants will gather at H.W. Hoover Foundation Headquarters. Teacher participants will share their Water Quality units of study, data collected, and classes' field experiences with the other participants and guests. Participants will complete and turn in the teacher participant surveys. Participants will turn in the completed student surveys and a copy of the Water Quality unit of study they prepared for their schools.

 6) In June of 2016, date to be determined, select teacher participants will make a presentation on their participation in the Water  Quality Education program at the Stark County ESC's Math and Science District Initiative. These Water Quality Education Teacher trainers, along with Dale Gallucci, will guide a new group of teachers in the use of the Water Quality Education technology and lessons.

 For more information contact:

Dale Gallucci
Stark County ESC
Science Content Specialist
SAMM Center Coordinator
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