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The Stark County ESC offers BCI/FBI checks (digital fingerprinting services) to any individual required by Ohio Revised Code 3319.39 to have a background check.

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Stark County ESC
2100 38th Street NW, Door #2
Canton, OH 44709

Enter door #2, turn right through the hallway, BCI/FBI office is the first door on the right.

For employment in Stark County public schools:
BCI and FBI check    $51
BCI check only          $27
FBI check only          $29

Payment must be made by personal check, cashier’s check or money order only.
Cash is not accepted.

For all other employment:
BCI and FBI check   $56
BCI check only         $32
FBI Check only         $34

Payment must be made by money order only.

Hours of Operation (by appointment only):
Monday-Thursday:   9:00am-11:00am
Individuals fingerprinted elsewhere within the past 12 months:
Applicants whose fingerprint results are on file with the Ohio Department of Education and who can provide copies of the paper results to the Stark County ESC may not need to be fingerprinted again.  Circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by a Stark County ESC representative. 

Any individual who has completed a BCI check in the past 12 months may submit a Request to Release Form.  Submission of the form requires an $8 cashier’s check or money order payable to “Stark County ESC.”  Please be advised the form does not apply to the release of FBI results.
Ohio Revised Code 3319.39 Requirements: 

Ohio Revised Code (3319.39) requires the Board of Education to request the Superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to conduct a criminal record check with respect to any applicant who has applied to the school district for employment in any position as a person responsible for the care, custody, or control of children, when the applicant is under final consideration for employment.  In addition, Amended HB 79 requires the State Board of Education to request a criminal record check prior to any person applying for or renewing an educator license, certificate, or permit.  Amended HB 79 also require the State Board of Education to request a criminal record check every five years for a person teaching under a professional or permanent teaching certificate issued under former law.

An individual who has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to offenses listed in the statute may not be employed by the district. 

This FBI record is subject to the following use and dissemination restrictions:
Under provisions set forth in title 28, code of federal regulations (CFR), section 50.12, both governmental and nongovernmental entities authorized to submit fingerprints and receive FBI identification records must notify the individuals fingerprinted that the fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI.  Identification records obtained from the FBI may be used solely for the purpose requested and may not be disseminated outside the receiving department, related agency or other authorized entity. If the information on the record is used to disqualify an applicant, the official making the determination of suitability for licensing or employment shall provide the applicant the opportunity to complete, or challenge the accuracy of, the information contained in the FBI identification record.  The deciding official should not deny the license or employment based on the information in the record until the applicant has been afforded a reasonable time to correct or comate the information, or has declined to do so.  An individual should be presumed not guilty of any charge/arrest for which there is no final disposition stated on the record or otherwise determined.  If the applicant wishes to correct the record as it appears in the FBI’s CJIS division records system, the applicant should be advised that the procedures to change, correct or update the record are set forth in title 28, CFR, section 16.34.

For more information, contact:
Karen Cain
Fingerprinting/Substitute Processing
Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or 1-4 p.m.
330-492-8136, ext. 1427

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